Motorsport Manager Videos & Impressions

Our first season with Archer BMR is over and all of the videos are now live on YouTube.

As our first season comes to an end in Motorsport Manager, we can look back across a year that had more frantic action than a Fast & Furious movie, more weather changes than the British summer and enough surprises and excitement than the last few seasons of Formula 1 combined.

This in a nutshell, is why Motorsport Manager is right up there for us as game of the year contenders. In an almost unoccupied space on the gaming market, Motorsport Manager has come along and excited and “wow’d” fans with its unpredictable races and challenging strategic decisions. Being a keen Motorsport fan, I believe this gave me a small advantage of strategy for the races but even the pro’s make mistakes right? Yes they do, and like in real life, you can seriously suffer from those bad decisions and they genuinely can be the difference between winning and losing a race. Or rather between 9th and 13th in our case during our first season.

Away from the track, there are a whole host of decisions that can influence your teams performance. Everything from disappointments in the drivers personal life that affects their morale and voting for a change in rules with the governing bodies to try and give your team a small advantage, To developing new parts and choosing whether or not to take a risk and bend the rules, in the hope of gaining an advantage on the track knowing that if we are caught, we face a position drop or worse.

All of these factors mean the replay factor here is endless. From what I can tell, I fail to see how 2 races will ever be the same. Even if the formula of the game remains roughly the same i.e develop your car, try to win races, all of the other factors that this game requires you to deal with, means that there are so many possibilities of what may happen on race day.

Graphically this game is extremely pretty. Have only had the odd graphical glitch and having seen the latest patch notes, a fix is on the way for one or two of the issues I have noticed with the AI players. Other than that, this game is extremely well made.

I am so happy to have a game that appears to have been made with a lot of attention to detail, to someone who obviously knows motorsport. To hit the nail so close to the centre, leaving such an incredible platform to build from is an incredible achievement if you consider that the original incarnation of this game, was released as a mobile game a few years back and was developed by Christian West, on his own, in his bedroom!

It is also worth noting that while I and everyone else continue to enjoy this game, Steam Workshop support has been announced for February 2017. I am extremely eager to see what level of modifications can be brought to this game both in this workshop, and in the form of continued support as DLC. Could we see different race series such as endurance racing? Could we see Formula E? Could we see real world tracks and drivers brought in? Only time will tell…

It seems only fitting that I leave you with a racing analogy of this game of my experience thus far. This game has aimed for pole and secured a front 4 spot. But like our Archer BMR team, with some minor tweaks, improvements and additions, this game could well become Mercedes and drive off into the distance.

Chris Welch

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