GNUK at EGX once again

in just 2 short weeks, Gaming Nation UK will be attending the annual gaming gathering and will report back on our findings.

Is it that time of year again already? Seems like only yesterday we were at the NEC in Birmingham. But here we are again, about to head back and spend 2 entire days doing nothing but playing games.

There are some great games that we cannot wait to get our hands on such as Sea of Thieves and Shadow of War. We will also again play some VR games and see what the latest state of VR games with PSVR. In particular, we would be interested to play Bravo Team.

It will be hard for EGX to top last year’s line up of games which included the unreleased Battlefield 1, Horizon: Zero Dawn, COD, Dawn of War III and our personal favourite of the event, Motorsport Manager. As things stand, the line up of games does not seem to be as glamourous as last year, but there are still more being announced and would expect Activision and EA to bring some of their bigger guns to the party to show off at the NEC.

We will of course be reporting back in the form of tweets, photos and wrap up videos. So make sure you hit us up on all our social media channels and on YouTube, to find out what we think of the biggest games of EGX 2017!

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