EGX 2016 – Motorsport Manager Preview

It has been too long since a good racing manager was released, Motorsport Manager aims to fill that void. 

Immerse yourself in the world of Motor Racing and become number 1

I cannot remember a good racing manager game since F1 Manager was released by EA Sports way back in the early 2000s. It is absolutely criminal that it has taken so long for another game to enter into this genre. This is an almost totally uncontested space and with the massively successful mobile game of the same name, this game has every chance of becoming not only just a great game in its genre, but a great game…period.

I played the mobile game and this helped me initially get to grips with some of the things in the game and whilst I was clicking the buttons, Sam was there offering guidance with me, getting equally as involved in the game. Even to the point where he didn’t want to nip off to the gents, as he was enjoying watching the drama unfold during the race.

mm_announcement_screenshot_05_0The demo we were treated too gave us the opportunity to jump straight into a single race weekend. Randomly generated positions on the grid, car setups, tire selections and car reliability stats were given to us, and we were tasked with trying to win the race. Before we sat down we were just average guys….when we sat down though, we were instantly transformed into Christian Horner and Toto Wolff. Well….we would certainly like to think so anyway.

In all seriousness, the sheer beauty of this game is how it totally absorbs you into the life of a racing manager. The races were only 18 laps long but there was so much going on that I could have quite happily done the full length 48-60 lap races. There is always something happening. Whether it be trying to out think the other drivers, analysing the strategies of the other teams, working out how you could undercut with a well timed pit stop, when to tell your drivers to go for it and when you should tell them to conserve fuel or look after their tires.

There is so much to this game that in one race the range of emotions that it evoked was staggering. In one race, we were in total control of the race, leading 1 & 2 and feeling very relaxed. Then all of a sudden the lead driver has a bad pit stop which means my drivers swap places. Later in the race, the new lead driver for us, complains of suspension problems so we perform some repairs in the pits (not sure what you can repair on suspension during a race but we repaired them enough to last to the end…maybe some gaffa tape?), this costs time. This unfortunately leads to double stacking in the pits due to not realising how long it would take, then we forgot to select different tyres for one of the drivers so they had to come back in the next lap.

So now we are running 4th and 5th after a nightmare 2 laps. The cars in front are struggling on their tires and we catch them on fresh rubber and having saved enough fuel we can tell them to get their foot down.  After the leaders pit we are then 1st and 5th. Surely no more drama? No such luck. Our race leader then complains of brake issues. Checking the information we can tell the brakes are very heavily worn and could fail at any minute. 2 laps left, can he last?

Thankfully he did as the 2nd place car locked up trying to catch us and ran out of time and fresh rubber to catch us and we ran out winners.

After all this happened, I should say we generally sighed with relief, like there is something actually riding on this. It was a single race demo and yet we were buzzing that we had won. mm_announcement_screenshot_06_0We haven’t even delved into the how good the game looks and how easy to navigate the menu’s are. Or how deep the career mode is where you look after your R&D, sponsors, finances, drivers and fans. There really isn’t much they have not thought about.

I cannot tell you how much fun this game is. If you have any interest in Motorsport at all, you owe it to yourself to get this game when it releases at some stage before the end of the year. We are told that a release date announcement is imminent and with steam workshop supported, there is the possibility of so much more content such as new tracks, race series and much more after release.

Motorsport Manager is available now on Steam to pre-order, do yourself a favour, and hit the button!

Chris Welch

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