2017 24hr Charity Gaming Marathon Recap

Check out a recap of all the highs and lows experienced during our 2017 24hr charity gaming marathon.

Just a few short weeks ago, Sam and I embarked on GNUK’s 3rd 24hr charity gaming marathon. Several months of planning testing,  and trying to engage with the community had led us to the start line at 7pm on the 21st of April. A huge list of games, 21 to be precise, would be played across 24 hours on both PC and Playstation.


We arrived at the chosen premises to do the event in good time. Both cars fully loaded with kit, we unloaded and begun to set everything up as quickly as we can, to allow us maximum setup time. My PC was setup and switched on quickly and everything so far, was going to plan. The stream was working, the equipment was all working and the microphone levels had been tested and were all fine.


We kept saying in the lead up that we hope nothing goes wrong, that our equipment works ok. Then, just 45 minutes before kick off, our negative tones hit home….hard.


The Elgato game capture card, used to stream the PS4 to the PC, was acting up. We could not get the GameShow software to show us the PS4 screen. It was seeing the device, but the small window it produced showed nothing but a black screen. The software that comes with the Elgato however, recognised it fine but everything was planned and designed to work wi
th GameShow so that we could seamlessly switch between the PC games and the PS4, in line with the list of games we had prepared.


We tried everything to get it working, believing it to be just a simple connection issue. All 4 USB 3.0 ports were tried, a different HDMI cable was tried and still only the Elgato software would recognise it. In the end, with just 15 minutes to go, we decided that we would have to make do with that software. We had more time to play as the first PS4 game wasnt until the early hours but this meant switching to an untested, unprepared piece of software with no overlays or audio level tests being performed.


We began at 7pm sharp and the first 6 hours flew past. Then came the moment we had to switch to the PS4 and play Diablo III. We made it work, just. We managed to get the webcam to be recognised, and the microphone levels to work but then we the stream kept cutting out. The only way to get it back was to simply stop the stream and re-start it.


We went back to PC afterwards and settled down for the night shift. The early hours came and went and soon once again, it was time to get back on the PS4 for Alienation. Now though, the software wouldn’t recognise the webcam. Much like how the Elgato behaved with GameShow, it recognised the device, but was simply showing just a black screen when trying to put the overlay on.


We continued on without the webcam and had yet more issues with the stream disconnecting. We then find out that our voices are only being heard to those on the stream through one ear…….Jeeeez!!


It was at this point we decided we could no longer afford to keep spending time restarting the stream, playing around with the Elgato software to try to make the webcam work, and that we had an obligation to be gaming for 24hrs. So from here on out, it would be PC games only. This meant that we had to find 7 more house of PC games to fill the void. This wasn’t as easy as you may think. We wanted to play 21 different games so the prospect of repeating some games was really disappointing. We had also been up nearing 24 hours already as we were both up for work at 6:30am that morning, so trying to think about new things and games to play was tricky.


We pushed forward, deep into the 24 hour stream and despite having to replay a few games, having more stream issues (which we later believe to be related to the firewall in the office interfering) and Sam getting extremely frustrated with why the Elgato wasn’t working, we made it to the end.


24 hours of non-stop…ish gaming. We had not reached the target set out but we had still raised an amazing £940 at the time of writing this, beating GNUK’s record of donations by nearly £200. During the event, we also hit a fantastic milestone for total amounts raised by GNUK. Over 3 events, we have now raised £2,231 pounds for Special Effect.


We will absolutely be doing another event and plans are already in motion for making it bigger, more interactive and having others involved in the games we play as well throughout the event.


Even though the event is over, you can still donate. Simply click on the link below and donate to this great cause. If you watched our stream then we thank you. If you donated then we thank you. If you entered our competition we thank you. If you won, then we congratulate you but most of all, we hope to have raised not only a potentially life changing amount for someone, but more awareness about the amazing work that Special Effect do.


Look forward to seeing you all again !


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