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GNUK at EGX once again

in just 2 short weeks, Gaming Nation UK will be attending the annual gaming gathering and will report back on...

GNUK Deals Of The Week 21/06/17

E3 has come and gone, you have had a chance to see the PC games in action. Now pre-order them...

E3 2017 – All The Reaction Here

The dust has now settled at E3 2017. All done for another year, who came off best this year?

GNUK Deals Of The Week 30/05/17

Time to get your pre-orders in everyone! Check out these awesome deals where you can save money on some big...

GNUK Deals Of The Week 09/05/17

Introducing a new bi-weekly article, that will give you some fantastic deals on some great gaming stuff. Check out these...

2017 24hr Charity Gaming Marathon Recap

Check out a recap of all the highs and lows experienced during our 2017 24hr charity gaming marathon.

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Come check us out playing lots of cool co-op games

Motorsport Manager

Join us on YouTube as we try to take Archer BMR from the back of the grid to the podium.


Watch us do some off world base building, dubbed operation space grave.

GNUK Plays

This series has a wide range of new games that we play normally as one-offs

This War Of Mine

GNUK try to help a group of civilians survive a war zone. First videos on YouTube now!

Battlefield Wars

Join us in episode one of this hilarious head to head series between Chris & Vky

a little about..

Gaming Nation UK

Gaming Nation UK was founded on the 16 May 2003 by Andy Kirwin & Dan Travers. It was originally created to do some reviews of games and also as part of their Counter Strike Clan. Anyone who has listened to the GNUK podcasts will know how much they both played the original Counter Strike in their teenage years.

Whilst the domain stayed registered, nothing really happened with Gaming Nation UK particularly, until Chris Welch became close friends with Andy & Dan and between them they decided to bring GNUK back and try and do something with. Chris took on the mantle of fronting it and trying to make it work in 2011. Several attempts at making it work failed for one reason or another and it was not until early December 2013 that GNUK came back and ran for around 2 and a half years.

Chris, Dan, Andy and Vykash Joymungul had many ideas with the hope being to grow GNUK into something special over time. With Chris doing most of the stuff for the site in the early stages, the idea was to then branch out and do something we had all talked about for so long, and that was to do Podcasts. So with the 4 of us plus Simon Amphlett and a few weeks in, Liam Pratt, we begun to record and release podcasts every two weeks.

As this grew and after the huge success of our 24hr live charity video game race with Slightly Mad Studios game Project CARS, we were all of a sudden attracting more and more hits to the site and more listeners to our podcast.

It soon became apparent that Chris would not be able to do the site on his own, and recruited 3 new members to GNUK, in the form of Phil Knowles, Leigh Norton and Danny Savell. Between the 4 of them they begun to get in contact with developers and game companies and have had much success in getting some big AAA releases sent to us to review.

GNUK flourished until priorities in peoples lives changed. Families, work and other commitments meant we could not continue the growth with GNUK we wanted. It soon slipped into obscurity and only in the Summer of 2016, Chris and Sam have taken the mantle and have taken GNUK into a direction that should attract new fans and not take too much time out of our lives. Recording game videos and other media to our extremely under used YouTube channel is task number 1. Depending on the success of that, the podcast may return at a later stage.

With a new website, a new plan and fresh vigor, hopefully this time GNUK is here to stay!